2nd June 2018

Posted: Junie 2, 2018 in Radio Blog

What a day…

In my home tongue I would say “Ek is moeg” – this would translate to I am tired. Its raining outside. Lifting the spirit with beautiful surroundings. Table Bay harbour. The sound of a lonesome piano and the rain drops covering a seal.

After a 3 – 4 year long drought the Western Cape is receiving the long awaited rain. The place I find myself to be is a reminder of the influence of the colonial powers who once wondered here. Beautiful Victorian decor and French wine.

I am sitting alone in a beautiful setting – by choice I might add.

Reading through my diary it dawned on me how much can be achieved by becoming that which you aspire to be. All emotions set aside. I am always reminded. You never get what you want. “You always get what you are”. Wrap your mind around this.

This would imply that whatever your situation you have always been here in your being. If you disagree always replay your inner language and dialogue.

The cold surroundings of the pianist still supply warm Western sounds playing ” All of

Laat 'n boodskap

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