2nd June 2018

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What a day…

In my home tongue I would say “Ek is moeg” – this would translate to I am tired. Its raining outside. Lifting the spirit with beautiful surroundings. Table Bay harbour. The sound of a lonesome piano and the rain drops covering a seal.

After a 3 – 4 year long drought the Western Cape is receiving the long awaited rain. The place I find myself to be is a reminder of the influence of the colonial powers who once wondered here. Beautiful Victorian decor and French wine.

I am sitting alone in a beautiful setting – by choice I might add.

Reading through my diary it dawned on me how much can be achieved by becoming that which you aspire to be. All emotions set aside. I am always reminded. You never get what you want. “You always get what you are”. Wrap your mind around this.

This would imply that whatever your situation you have always been here in your being. If you disagree always replay your inner language and dialogue.

The cold surroundings of the pianist still supply warm Western sounds playing ” All of


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How to deal with 13 year old teens.

I have graduated from “I count to 3 and if you…” to ” can someone pour me a whiskey?”. To realise you don’t know anything at the age of 50 is quite a shock to a mind thats still dwindling around in its 20’s.

Apart from everyday challenges tbe hormonal challenge of a 13 year old teenager is unmatched. It is a fine reminder of so many motivators in my own teens.

We all probably know the story of the little boy who scratched his dad’s brand new car? Well It goes like this:

The little boys father was washing his beloved car and left it unattended for a short while. On his return he saw his son scratching it with with a stone. The son’s dad was so cross he smashed the son’s hand in the car door. The son lost the use of his hand. It was only much later when he(the father) was standing back when he saw what the little boy was scratching on the car.

Dad I Love U!

A couple of years ago in the “romantic” town of Darling my children – yes all 3 of them – was up to no good in the small village where we lived. They decided to send this warning letter to the neighbors.

Kids naughty

Well, you have to understand the events before this prank to understand why children stay children. I am fascinated by cemetries and we all went for a guided tour to read the epitaphs on the tombstones. Some were children who died young. Others were old folk who moved on.

We went home and planned a “ghost walk” throught the town. It was somewhere in winter and night fell quickly. We stolled through the streets and saw old folk from the street. An old lady rocking in a chair in the old “koshuis”. Bats flying around and only visible when crossing the street lights.

It was exciting. Arriving back home we lit the fireplace and enjoyed family company. After a full day of spooky events their imagination were as active as any childs would be.

They wrote these letters and to our dismay went to mail them to a couple of neighbors. The next morning all the immediate neighbors were up in arms and only one lady – Helga – came t inquire about it.

I repremanded them and thought it was all in the past.

Some time later I was in the proses of buying a local property business and the seller said she is concidering not to sell the business to me. After lifting my eyebrows she explained people in the small town dislike me for what my children did.

Aparently some time before our “ghost walk” a local lady was murdered which left everyone up in arms. It wasn’t untill I joined a local security group that I was made aware of the police searching for the “writer of the letter/s”.

Meng klassiek met modern

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Die “Ceres Rail Company” bied verskeie toere met die klasieke stoom trein. Van die bestemmings is Elgin, Ceres, Klawer en die nuut oorgedoende trein en roete na Simonstad.

Wie sou kon raai dat die Lokomotiewe soveel aandag sal geniet op sy roete na Elgin. Dit het gevoel soos om te wees in die geselskap van ‘n “celebrity”. Almal langs die roete het gewaai na die trein met 200 gaste.

Die gaste was ‘n verpersoonliking van die lokomotief se gees en het terug gewaai. Dit wat was ‘n lieflike dag – die trein het stadig gewurm deur die vlaktes tot in Somerset-Wes en vandaar na ‘n 20 min stop weer spoed opgebou oor Sir Lowrys pas na die klein dorpie – Elgin.

Elgin met sy wynplase en appel boorde is naby die stasie en te oordeel na die hoeveelheid appels aan die bome

op die roete sonder mens gemaakte heinings word die spoor van die mens nie onnodig hier getrap nie.

Op die terug roete was die algemene “ontvangs” van die lokomotief tiperend en voorspelbaar met almal wat stop en waai. Die eetsaal kompartement was gebou in 1928. Haar hout afwerkings en ander fyn dekor was naas die geluid van die “chook chook” die hoogte punt.

Dit was ‘n belewenis.

It is a quiet afternoon & The Sunday newspaper presents itself with an “emotional” story about a South African Parabat soldier who lost his life in 1978. I read the article 5 times. The brave soldier Skillie Human jumped into action over the Culonga-River Angola. [For the bravery we honour him and the brave soldiers with him on that day]. According to this news article Andries (Skillie) Human drowned in the Culonga-River. What was it about this article that moved me this much?


*I have read many stories about the dead being found after many years being missing. Mass graves of innocent bones are seemingly mysteriously uncovered. Individuals are found and identified many years after being buried in unmarked graves. My senses are leading me to believe we are connected to this mysterious substance.

After watching a documentary with Dame Judy Dench about her love of trees and how she discovered the language of trees [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHzWF15YQEA ]

this article stirred up an enthusiasm of a different kind. Are we “listening”? According to this www.youtube.com video trees are not only communicating above ground but has an integrated network of mushrooms or fungi strains communicating sending out these messages of all sorts over vast underground network. According to the information this communication might include normal microbiological chit chat, heart ache or even serious warnings of disaster. Who knows maybe even giggles? With special equipment the trees can be heard drinking water.

*Another such story was reported about a dog that disappeared in 1960. It is thought the animal “Stuckie” became trapped around this time after he ran into a hole at the bottom of the tree, before climbing 28 feet up chasing a small animal. What are the chances in human terms of such a discovery? What is the intelligence behind it all? How significant is this discovery really?

A Sad Tail: Strange Phenomenon Preserves Dog Stuck Inside Tree For Nearly 60 Years

According google consisting mostly of collagen, bone is living, growing tissue. Collagen is a protein that provides a soft framework, and calcium phosphate is a mineral that adds strength and hardens the framework. This combination of collagen and calcium makes bone strong and flexible enough to withstand stress. Who knows what else collagen is capable of after we die. Maybe interacting with the fungi and in turn sending valuable information to humans via trees. Almost like an all fashioned postal system. Maybe this is not at the speed humanly possible but at a speed in a parallel world where time doesn’t matter. A time dependent on the perfect conditions – with patience as the main ingredient whatever they may be. Are we listening?

Are the bones calling out to the trees – communicating with this underground network of fungi [mushrooms] or are we calling on the bones to expose them?

As a father and a husband my emotions and spirit has an indescribable understanding of not being with my family. It is incomprehensible to even try and marry the thought of separation with the afterlife. If there is some kind of intelligence in a parallel world every soul will try and find a way to communicate the truth to those who are left behind in a material world. Even if it means exposing my bones buried in a foreign land with the help of an underground system of fungi and tree roots. To those left behind the question remain – Who painted moon black.

Maybe if Andries [Skillie] Human was taken by the Culonga-river – just maybe, water has memory and the message of his where about was sent via this memory in water.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILSyt_Hhbjg

HartKlop op die Oranje

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Hierdie inskrywing kon sy begin op enige tydstip begin, maar hy begin vandag en werk sy pad terug. Boervrou het na ‘n lang reis van oor die water teruggekeer van Nederland. ‘n Plek waar sy haar aardse wortels gevoel het. Dit was op daardie Dinsdag aand toe sy hele wêreld tot stilstand kom. Die vooruitsig van die terugkeer na ‘n “normale” lewe van werk sonder die onderbreking van kinder taxi, chef speel en laat nag werk was net te groot.

“Dank God sy het die aanval oorleef.” Hy aan die ander kant was amper bokveld toe met ‘n skok reaksie. Boervrou oorleef die reis en ons het tyd om weer al die toue op te tel en te beplan om ‘n droom te bewaarheid. Dit is uiteraard waaroor lewe gaan.

Boervrou wou lank voor hierdie “off-beat” die denkbeeldige “blanja casvas” inkleur met ‘n roei vaart op die groot Oranje gekleurde rivier en die blou refleksie op die water. Dit is volbring.

Daar staan iewers in die bybel geskryf dat jy kan jou drome omskep in die waarheid. – “Becareful what you we wish for – you might just get it.”

So ‘n rit is nooit sonder opwinding nie. Roei stroom op en daar wag ‘n Paasmandjie vol fotografiese geskenke – van die “liewe Jesus voël” wat letterlik op die water loop. Ok, dis wel op waterlelie blare maar dit het gelyk hy loop op die water. Later kruis ‘n “African Rock Python” die rivier – amper ‘n soort waarskuwing om nie verder te roei nie. Ons draai om. Van die drama is wel ‘n video geneem die volgende dag. Hy moes natuurlik weer die water stroomop aandurf omrede die spiere nie noodwendig die terugrit na “basecamp” sou kon meemaak nie.

Hierdie keer is dit ‘n likkewaan wat teen dieselfde rivierbank jag vir – wat voorkom soos vinkies. Die water vloei het oënskynlik oornag toegeneem na donderstorms wat in die ooste van die land water laat stroom na die rivier.

Dit was ‘n totaal geestelike reis. Die energieke ritme van elke siel was in perfekte harmonie. Die verblyf was nie 5 ster nie, maar ons was daar vir die Oranje op die blanja met die blou.

Sit jou droom op die “blanja” doek of sommer net skoon bladsy.

Sien waar jy eindig.